Yoga in Egypt

Namaste Friends, 

I trust we are all settling into the flow of 2014 by now and that you are steering your life in the right direction.   

I am writing to you from a Bedouin tent on my favourite beach here in Egypt whilst sipping delicious Bedouin coffee. I am drenched by the warm desert sun, feeling the gentle breeze playfully dancing around me. The waves of the Red Sea are playing a soft melody resonating deep within my soul…I find myself completely saturated by the elements, and the pure natural beauty of this place is guiding me to a deeper state of being, aligned and clear…it is truly magical.   

I have journeyed deep this week with the most wonderful people from all over the world. We have come together in Yoga  and set the intention to let go of conditioned patterns, surrendering into the present, becoming free and being who we truly are, living in confidence, love and creative joy.

The love for Yoga and the gifts it offers has not just reached some of us but all of us here. One of my most heart warming moments was when the beautiful children of Marsa Shagra came together ‘playing yoga’ as they call it…we played and shared…and in some sense I became even more alive as our hearts joined in the purest form, tasting the freedom children teach us.   

I feel blessed and deeply grateful for the heartfelt community that is continuing to grow at the studio and world wide. It is truly amazing that this globe is now coming together in living freedom through Yoga, and we are all a big part of this transformational period of the human consciousness. 

Wake up lovers; It is time to start the Journey!

Let us kiss the ground and flow like rivers to the ocean.

It is best to travel with compassion on this Journey.

Only love can lead the way”



May this year bring us all of our deepest hearts desires, may we surrender to our own natural current allowing the sacred fire to fuel us with endless joy.  

Enjoy blossoming & bear the fruits of joy

Love in all directions

Wenche & the beautiful Yoga Life Team xx


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