Lord of the Dance

Posture of the Month – January – Cosmic Dancer/Lord of the Dance – Natarajasana

Celebrate the season with this beautiful, rejuvenating posture which stretches and opens the chest and shoulders while strengthening the legs. Representing the deity Shiva, associated with transformation, this posture provides us with inspiration as we embark on a New Year!

From Mountain Pose, inhale and shift the weight onto the left foot; lift the right, bending the knee and bringing the heel towards the buttock.

Reach back with the right hand to take hold of the inside of the foot.

Draw the left hip back and keep the left leg strong, lengthening the spine and keeping the shoulders broad.

Lift and stretch the right thigh, bringing it parallel with the ground, while reaching forwards with the left arm.

Lift your heart, keep the breath smooth and feel the flow of energy.

Move back out gently before repeating on the other side.

Happy New Year!

Safia x

Lord of the Dance
Natarajasana/ Dancer


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