Virabhadrasana III

Posture of the Month – December – Warrior III – Virabhadrasana III

Virabhadrasana III
Warrior III

The beautiful frosty sunshine looks magical this morning as we celebrate the winter and look forward to coming together with friends and family. Warrior 3 brings a strong and joyful connection with the earth, as we lift and stretch the whole length of the body out ~ a strengthening and celebratory posture to round off the year!

~From Warrior 1, with the right foot stepped forward, focus on grounding the sole of the right foot,  inhale, lower the torso and begin to lift the left leg, bringing the body and the left leg parallel to the floor. The arms extend out in front, palms facing each other, shoulder width apart and maintaining space in the shoulders themselves.

~Straighten the right leg, keeping the hips level.

~Engage the abdominal muscles and hold for several full, deep breaths. Feel the energy flowing forward through the fingertips and back through the raised leg.

~Release and move smoothly back down on an exhale, returning to Warrior 1 and then Mountain pose before repeating on the opposite side.

Have a joyful festive season – look forward to seeing you in 2014!


Safia x


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