Posture of the Month – February – Cat – Viralasana

ViralasanaWe’ve seen a stormy start to the month, and as we come onto our yoga mats it’s great to keep moving, gently warming the body and easing tension that may have built up after fending off the wet, windy weather.  In so doing, we are able to focus on what lights us up, even though it may be grey outside! Cat pose nourishes and re-aligns the spine as well as encouraging an awareness and deepening of the breath. The Cat/Cow sequence of arching and rounding, gently tilting the pelvis as the breath flows can be transfomed into a moving meditation, and is a beautiful way to ease into and prepare for the rest of your practise.

Come onto all fours, with palms flat, wrists beneath the shoulders, fingers spreading, and knees beneath the hips, hip-width apart.

Inhale deeply, lifting the head and the tailbone, moving the chest forwards and taking the shoulders back.

Exhale fully, pressing down into the palms of the hands, rounding the back, dropping the head and tucking the tailbone under. Draw the abdominal muscles in as the breath is squeezed out.

Continue to move with each breath, introducing a fluidity to the movement and really tuning into the rhythm of that flowing breath.

This is a simple but wonderful sequence which can benefit us all – try to include it as often as possible!


Safia x


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