Yoga in winter months

Namaste friends, 

I hope you are holding up with this wet and windy weather. It’s been a very wet start to the year but we have been keeping the sacred fire alive in our warm candle lit studio indulging in the wonderful variety of workshops and new classes on offer. 

We are constantly moving in rythms with the seasons, and it is important to fuel ourself with the right Yoga practice to achieve maximum health and wellbeing.The winter months can often make us feel stagnant and tired as we turn inward. There can be a tendency of staying off the Yoga mat (the sofa may seam more appealing) even though we need it more then ever this time of the year. If this is you; make your way to your local Yoga class and dive into a practice that focuses on the Surya (Sun) element as this will help with tiredness and even depression. The traditional Surya Namaskar is a great vinyasa sequence that can really help to ignite the inner central heating system of your body, lubricate your joints and getting stagnant energy flowing again. Other postures important right now are backbends, headstand and twists. 

Indulge yourself with the sheer joy that Yoga brings about, sustaining lightness through the dark winter months embodying Shanti, the peace of Yoga. Serve yourself and let the light in you unconditionally serve others.

Shine bright xx

Infinite love

Wenche & the wonderful Yoga Life Team xxx


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