Summer Greetings Yoga Lovers

Namaste Friends,

I find myself back in Eastbourne after a wonderful time away in Glastonbury UK attending a five day Intensive of Elemental Vinyasa: Embodying the Flow of Nature with my inspirational teacher Shiva Rea. She is a true Yogini continuing to inspire so many all over the world and I feel blessed to be her student. Her vibration is contagious and a true example of living Yoga. Inspired and full of heart fire, fuelled by the powers of the sacred sites of Glastonbury the annual Yoga Life Retreat at Shekinashram took place, and needless to say it was a powerful experience for us all.

Our next Yoga Adventure, Magical Santorini

I trust you are enjoying the magnificent summer we are blessed with so far. Soak up this powerful Surya energy, allowing it to energise all your body mind and heart. This powerful fireball in the sky has a profound effect on us all. When we bathe in the power of the sun it lifts our mood, shifts our energy to higher vibration lighting our spirit. This is a time of year where we ‘come out to play’, transformation and change take place and it spills out in our lives.

In Yoga this fireball represents our Agni, the inner fire, the fire of our core. In living Yoga it is important to have a balance within all our elements so that we can live a balanced and healthy life. If we have too much fire it can represent it self as a ‘burn out’, or where your may come across to be to ‘sharp’, the negative power of the Agni… Most of us will recognise our self dancing on both sides of the fire energy, but by recognizing where you are you can give yourself the practice that you need. If you are always on the go, judging others, your adrenals high and finding it difficult to rest you need to look for a more restorative or gentle Yoga class to give you the balance your fire energy needs to avoid ‘burn out’. If you are feeling low, unmotivated and sluggish you need to enhance the fire in your body with a more active Yoga session…something that gives you a kick and can shift you into a more vibrant state of being. Yoga offers us this incredible insight that allows us to live a balanced and harmonised life. Find the class that will balance your fire this month reaching your optimum.
Get involved in Yoga this summer and let your soul dance and your heart sing!

It’s already been a busy month at the studio with classes and workshops; Yoga for Sports, Master class on Art of Adjustment, Kundalini Yoga and much more…have a look at our upcoming events and indulge in the Freedom that Yoga brings about.

I bow to the Sacred Fire of transformation and renewal that is constantly burning within, Svaha.

Live Love Life
Wenche & the wonderful Yoga Life Team xxx



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