Living Yoga home and away

Namaste Friends,

Greetings from Tobago which is an extraordinary unique eco-destination. It is the most southerly Island in the Caribbean and a popular destination for our adventurous Yoga lovers. We have an amazing group here with nationalities such as Finish, Chinese, English & Tobagoen…a beautiful combination. We are indulging in our Yoga, diving, snorkelling, hiking, horse riding, massage, sun & of course the tranquil Caribbean sea….here there is something for everyone – a truly joyful  experience.

It has been an enriching year so far and my Yoga mat has taken me to many beautiful destinations abroad and in the UK sharing my love for Yoga. My mat has become even more of a sanctuary…and I have become increasingly sensitive to different countries, places and people’s energies, continuing to unfold and grow. I have had a new insight and passion awakened within which I look forward to sharing in Master classes and Workshops throughout the Autumn:

Acro Play Workshop on 26 September
Arm Balances Workshop on 3rd October
Living in the Flow on 26th October

Our Autumn timetable is jam packed with wonderful classes & events for everyone…it is the most delicious menu for Yoga lovers and we invite you to indulge in what’s on offer.

Please ask us about free Yoga Vouchers and loyalty cards.

Honouring the teachings of Yoga; be humble, truthful, kind, considerate and caring radiating love in all direction…see you soon!

My Soul honours your Soul
Wenche xx



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