Extended Side Angle

Posture of the Month – July – Extended Side Angle – Parsvakonasana

Extended Side Angle


Enjoy this invigorating and strengthening side stretch for the legs, waist and back body ~ especially wonderful if you get the chance to take your practice out into the summer sunshine!

1. Step the feet out wide, and turn the right toes out to the right.

2. Bringing the hands to the hips, bend the right knee, repositioning the foot if necessary so that the knee is above the ankle.

3. On an exhalation, bend to the side, bringing the side torso to the right thigh, EITHER resting the right forearm onto the top of the right thigh, OR bringing the right hand to the mat.

4. Rotate the chest to the sky, keeping the shoulders and hips open.

5. Raise the left arm, bringing upper arm alongside the ear with the palm of the hand facing down. Take the gaze to the left arm.

6. Press down into the soles of the feet, lift the torso, extend and feel the stretch along the left side of the body, from the outside edge of the foot, all the way  to the fingertips.

Hold for several full, flowing breaths before repeating on the other side.

Have fun this summer!

Safia x





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