Yoga Show success

It has been couple of weeks since the Yoga Show and everything is now slowly sinking in. All the excitement, business and joy of the day that we shared with so many fabulous people on and off the mat. The day was just brilliant from the start to finish and we were really chuffed to see all the classes buzzing and constant traffic of beautiful people flowing around all day long.

We had 25 taster classes, massages, talks, demos, stalls and a great bunch of people who made it all happen. So thank you all who took part!

And because we like to keep ourselves busy and keep everyone happy, we already booked a date for next year! So our second Yoga Show will take place on 11th June 2016 – pencil it in! Let’s make it even better – is that possible?

Anyone who wants to be involved please get I touch, lots of love from your Yoga Life Studio <3



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