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Namaste friends & warm hearted greetings from sunny Egypt,

We have immersed ourselves in Yoga here in Egypt over the last two weeks ,enjoying beautiful sunshine, sea and  desert.
Two beautiful groups over the last two weeks have dived into their Yoga and have been  basking in bliss. Our practice has brought light into our eyes and joy into our hearts. We have been tasting the exquisiteness of existence, becoming alive and vibrant.
We have all shared so  many experiences – from fear of water and learning to dive, to swimming with turtles, sharks and dolphins…laughter and deep healing…basking in sunshine and sharing under the star-filled desert sky…it has been an incredible experience for me to share with everyone,  and it brings such joy to see our Yoga family expanding and growing stronger!
Infinite joy and gratitude always
Wenche xx
Yoga Egypt


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