Low Lunge/ Crescent Moon

Posture of the month – July – Low Lunge/Crescent Moon – Anjaneyasana

What a lovely sunny start to July, inspiring some extra Sun Salutation practice, which can include this beautiful Low Lunge. From Downward Facing Dog pose, exhale and step the right foot forward, bringing and keeping the knee in line with the ankle. Drop the left knee to the mat and point the left toes away. ¬†With hands on the right knee to start with, sink into the lunge, feeling a stretch on the front of the left thigh. On an inhalation, extend the arms upward, lifting and opening the chest and rolling the shoulders back. Incorporate as much of a backbend as is comfortable for you, while continuing to feel that you are lengthening the spine and dropping the tailbone down. Let your breath flow, feeling the stretch that this posture provides for the front thigh muscles, while opening up the hips and chest. On an exhalation, release the hands gently down to the floor and step back into Downward Facing Dog before repeating on the other side. Breathe deeply, enjoy… and soak up the sunshine!

Low Lunge/ Crescent Moon


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