Posture of the month – June – Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Summer is here at last! It’s a perfect time to dive into a joyful, playful practice celebrating the sunshine and the abundance of the season as it unfolds. Side Plank/ Vasisthasana is a great preparation for other arm balance postures, strengthening and giving a wonderful revitalising stretch to the arms, the spine, abdomen and legs.

From Plank Pose, with shoulders stacked above the wrists, take the right hand slightly forward, ahead of the shoulder, and shift the weight onto it.

Roll onto the outside edge of the right foot, stacking the left foot on top and keeping the legs straight.

With both shoulder blades sliding down the back, open across the front of the chest and lift the torso.

Inhale and lift the left arm to the sky. Keep the right hand and the outside edge of the right foot rooted down, engaging the core muscles, lifting and keeping the chest open while maintaining a deep, flowing breath.

Move gently back down into Plank, with the option of  stretching out in Downward Facing Dog before repeating on the left side.

Let this posture light your fire ~ enjoy your summer!


Safia x



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