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Eva met up with one of our first graduates Lou Lovegrove  for a little catch up and interview for our website.  Lou is running a successful yoga studio in her home in Meads (Eastbourne).  After addressing many topics that every yoga teacher finds fascinating here are some top tips for you.  Furthermore Lou will be running an in depth workshop for yoga teachers at our new studio on 26th January 2019. Here she will be talking about setting up, running and maintaining a successful yoga business, including taxes, teacher/student relationship, touch, healthy boundaries.

Lou how did you get your clients?

Half way through my teacher training I opened a class at my home for my friends so I could practice my teaching on them. The class carried on after I qualified.  I had covered a couple of classes at Towards at the University of Brighton and towards the end of my training I asked if there were any vacancies for a yoga teacher, they knew me and that’s how I began teaching my own classes at the university.   Volunteering as a cover teacher is also a great way to get yourself known, so registering with your local yoga studios is always a good idea too.   There are no shortcuts, the best advice is to practice, practice and keep on learning.  Stay real, find your own voice, style and essence.  Turn up and be there, don’t give up it always takes time.  Your commitment, consistency and professional approach will attract your clients and hopefully they will keep coming back.

How do you balance your teaching with your personal practice?

Life is my yoga practice.. I wake up,  listen to what my body needs each day, maybe it is just to deepen my breath and get my body working. Cat cow stretch and some mindful breathing will get me grounded and present.

Top tips to ensure participants keep coming back?

My classes are sold in blocks. I send the dates out to my clients and they need to book before the term starts. I set clear boundaries, and make sure that their time and effort are not wasted. I have to commit to my clients and ensure that they will get a professional, safe, fulfilling yoga class. I turn up no matter what, consistency is the key. I only cancelled one class in 5 years of teaching. It is about commitment and quality of teaching, It’s not my practice, I’m there  to teach THE class. I am there for my clients; present throughout their practice, giving attention to every single person.

How has being a yoga teacher changed you?

I can now breathe! I am certainly calmer as I have quite busy personality. I can now think of my  and other people’s actions and put them into perspective.  It’s given me the space to be more understanding and generous to people. I feel a lot healthier and smile more.

On the 26th January we will cover what I learnt the hard way.

Tax, insurance


How to get people in

Tricky situations




How to inspire


This will be an interesting talk relevant to new and existing yoga teachers!  To book email Lou at


Lou Lovegrove


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