Sagittarius New Moon Cacao Ceremony

If you were to write about 2018 what stories would fill these pages?
And if you were to write about what you’d like to manifest in 2019, what would that look like?

Often we are too busy towards the end of the year to check in with our heart. This new moon is all about finding answers, gaining knowledge and looking at the bigger picture. As we are leading up to the end of the year many of us may look back on 2018 and wonder where we got stuck, where we were weighed down by our subconscious mind and where the mind won over the heart. This ceremony is all about feeling into where we’ve come from, what we need to let go in order to move forward and how to do so with ease, compassion and fun!

The ceremony will be held in a traditional, shamanic way. We will set an intention and dive deep into our heart and soul through shamanic journeying. This way we can access old wounds & blockages around the heart and release those consciously. At the same time the cacao spirit will uplift you, fuel your energy levels and leave you feeling blissful.

Join Sibylle Koelbl on 8th December at 1pm!

Tickets: ₤25 Early bird (until 24th Nov)
₤29 Full price (after 25th Nov)

You can pay at the studio with Eva or via paypal (please inbox me for details).

I can’t wait to share the cacao magic with you ♥



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