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The Caribbean beat of Soca and Reggae soon got into my blood stream arriving back in Tobago. Tobago is unique to the other Caribbean Islands, it is surrounded my the most breathtaking beaches, forests and water falls. It has one of the top 10 beaches in the world, English mans Bay, the most amazing rain forest, incredible bird life, a musical rhythm you cant help moving to and the most lade back people you may possible ever come across. It is a place that I grow fonder of every time I come back.
Over the years I have become a ‘local’ and it’s very much like coming home for me.

The Yoga is soon tuned into to the local vibe…slow and rhythmic…the heat and humidity calls you to slow down which is a delight…allowing us to go deeper into our practice giving the muscles time to lengthen and the mind to become still. There is no sense of urgency on the Island, everything happens in it’s own beautiful flow, and there is no point trying to go against it as it won’t work very well, there is only one flow…easy flow!

Their beautiful mantra is Love Live Life, and you will always hear the phrase: “don’t worry be happy”…

This Easter was my 5th time back to the Island and I also brought my youngest son with me. What really warmed my heart was the welcoming he received and how well they looked after him, making him feel at home straight away.

We had the most wonderful time and I cant wait to go back in September for the next Yoga Holiday 

With open heart and love for the world always
Wenche xx



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