Introducing our teachers – SIMON

My Yoga journey began for real, about three years ago although it had been something that I had wanted to explore for a very long time, life just kept getting in the way. So I found myself on my yoga mat at Yoga Life Studio while trying to heal having gone through a challenging time on my life journey. The result was incredible and virtually instant. The restorative benefits – physical, mental and spiritual were quite tangible. I truly felt that I had come home and quickly became a regular at the studio trying a variety of different classes – Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga as well as attending workshops both at YLS and at Yoga shows.

When it was announced at the end of a class one evening, that the studio was to run a yoga teacher training programme I knew that I wanted to do it, having never considered becoming a yoga teacher before.

I have a background as a drug and alcohol worker and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to now introduce and run a regular yoga and relaxation class at the local drug and alcohol service.

I feel very humbled to have undertaken and completed the first yoga teacher training programme at YLS and it is a great privilege to be running regular classes at the studio.





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