Posture of the month – Reversed Triangle

Parivrtta Trikonasana – Reversed triangle 

Body position/posture type: Standing twist


Begin standing in Tadasana. Turn the left leg out 45 degrees and step forward with the right leg. Keep the hips level and ground into the left heel. Push the back of the left knee open and lift the knee to thigh, drawing the energy of the back leg into your left hip and moving it forward.

Activate the right leg in the same way, drawing the energy of the right leg upward to the hip and back slightly (level hips), keeping the hands on the hips for alignment. Inhale and lengthen out of the foundation of your legs and hips. As you exhale extend the spine forward and drop the left hand to the floor on the inside or outside of the right foot. Reach the right hand towards the sky.

Keep spiralling through the spine, draw the navel to the spine and twist from deep in the belly, taking this space into a deeper extension through the spine. The crown of the head is extending away from the body. Scoop the left shoulder forward and the right shoulder backward, creating space in the heart space. Gaze up towards the right thumb and breathe deeply. Taste the exquisiteness of this strong posture, supporting yourself with deep awareness. Take care as you exit this posture as it is very strong.


This posture is grounding and balancing. It tones the nervous system and massages the internal organs, creating a deep cleanse. It strengthens the legs, hamstrings, hips; opens the chest and shoulders, bringing flexibility to the spine and helping to relieve back pain.


Take care with lower back problems, slipped disks, knee and neck problems, vertigo, as well as high and low blood pressure.


Keep the front knee slightly bent. Place the hand on blocks or the shin of the front leg for support. The top hand can be placed on the sacrum. Those with neck problems, high or low blood pressure should gaze to the floor or straight ahead.




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