Quick Interview with your Yoga Teacher – Laura Kaminickaite

Can you tell us what we can expect in your class?

    You can expect a friendly smile, warm heart and a dynamic sequence of postures which will help you relax and rejuvenate.

When did you first realise that you wanted to be a yoga teacher? What was the wow moment if any?

     I guess the realisation came when I thought my first class, until then I have always thought that I did the yoga teacher training to learn more about myself and overcome a lot of emotional issues. Yoga took me by surprise, swept me of my feet like the most beautiful lover 😀. I am committed and I love this relationship. I enjoy sharing these emotions and deep spiritual knowledge with others.

Where is your favourite place to practice?

     My favorite place to practice is somewhere out in the nature, lost in the woods, but I also enjoy practicing at the studio and sharing the knowledge and practice with other beautiful yogis. It is beautiful to feel the energy of mother nature, but equally, the energy of fellow yogis is enchanting.

Have you got any advice for new students?

     To trust the wisdom of your own body. Let go of any ideas how your practice should be. Your body is unique and your practice is unique. If something does not feel right not to be afraid to raise it with the teacher. Every teacher is happy to find alternative variation to suit your own unique body and your needs (what ever they might be…emotional or physical).

What is your favourite posture/practice and why?

      My favorite posture is Savasana( Corpse Pose). I think is the most difficult asana( pose) to master. The art of quietening the mind is harder than it looks. It takes time to be able to relax in Savasana, you either lying on your mat and tensing the body/mind or on the contrary, falling asleep. Once Savasana is mastered is the most amazing pose for deep relaxation.

Can you share 3 interesting facts about yourself?

      I am avatar from another planet (laughs) who enjoys peace and stillness of the mind , I am also funny and do not take life too seriously.

What is your personal motto or favourite quote

     ‘Do not lose heart, even if you must wait a bit before finding the right thing. Be prepared for disappointment also, but do not abandon the quest ‘. (Albert Schweitzer)
This has been my motto for every asana I practiced and yet to practice. Life is a learning journey, do not give up !

Anything else?

Enjoy your body and enjoy your practice, every moment is a moment lost. Be now !! Be present !!

Laura teaches Yoga for All on Monday at 5.15pm and Healing Yoga on Tuesday at 7.15pm

Laura Kaminickaite


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