Quick Interview with your Yoga Teacher – Fiona Daly

  • Can you tell us what we can expect in your class?
A warm welcome, laughter and a sense of fun. A dynamic and organic asana practice with the freedom to explore your ‘own variation’ and take things at your own pace. And always a long and well deserved relaxation at the end.
  • When did you first realise that you wanted to be a yoga teacher? What was the wow moment if any?
I practiced Sivananda Yoga for 5 years when I knew I wanted to deepen my knowledge and understanding of this wonderful style of yoga, and share it with others, but it was a further 5 years before I went to France in 2006 and did my TTC.
The real WOW moment was when I stepped on the mat at the front of the class in the venue I first encountered yoga back in 1996 and taught people I had practised along side of for 10 years. Such a humbling experience, such an honour.
  • Where is your favourite place to practice?
I love my home practise space, between the end of the bed and the fireplace but nothing beats an asana practise amongst friends, be it at a studio, yoga festival or retreat!
  • Have you got any advice for new students?
It’s ok not to be able to do everything the teacher ‘offers’ to you. There is no rush, you have the rest of your life….
  • You love yoga because….
….you literally practice any time, any place, any where. It’s not all asana! Pranayama on a packed underground train… The eight limbs of yoga can and are intertwined in all aspects of ones life.
  • What is your favourite posture/practice and why?
My favourite posture will be the one that challenges me most. For 2016 it was gomukhasana, this year it will be baddha trickonasana. Sivananda Yoga is my foundation practice, I learnt so much before encounter in the organic nature of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Sivananda is my ‘come home to’ nurturing practise while Flow takes me on a journey to the unknown……
  • Can you share 3 interesting facts about yourself?
I have shared my home with my cat aged 21 longer than my son who, left home for uni at 19.
I usually have about 5 books on the go at anyone time.
Tattoos, I have 19, four I’d which are cats.
  • What is your personal motto or favourite quote?
Within a yoga class “in your mind’s eye”, visualising ourselves in an asana helps us move towards it, even if it is just a millimetre.  In life “the more you learn, the less you know”, when we start to explore a new subject/place/venture etc, we realise there is so much more to learn….we never stop learning.


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