Tree pose - Vrksasana

Posture of the month – October – Tree – Vrksasana

Tree pose - Vrksasana
Tree pose

October is the perfect time to look at bringing some balance into our lives as we observe the transition from Summer to Autumn, re-establishing a connection with the earth, and enjoying the harvest season in all its glorious golden, orange and red hues. Feel wonderfully grounded in Tree Pose, building strength, focus and balance while celebrating this colourful season.

~ From Mountain pose, bring focus to the feet and the way the weight of the body is distributed; imagine sending roots down through the soles of the feet – breathe strength and stability into your posture.

~ Begin to shift the weight onto the right foot, and keeping the right leg strong and straight, bend the left knee, placing the sole of the left foot onto the inside of the right leg, with toes towards the ground – placing the foot either high up onto the inside thigh, or lower down, perhaps even with the big toe touching the mat – choose whichever position suits best, avoiding the knee area.

~ Lengthen the spine, and gently draw the left knee back, opening up the front of the hips. Choose something at or below eye-level on which to focus the gaze, and this will help with balance.

~ Bring palms together in Namaste, relaxing the shoulders and focusing on a smooth, flowing breath. If you wish, once steady, move the hands above the head, perhaps then taking them apart, spreading the fingers to form the     branches of the tree.

Don’t worry if you need to come out and move back into the posture – a tree needs to be both strong and flexible, and Vrksasana helps us to develop both qualitites.

Return gently to Mountain Pose before repeating on the opposite side.

Enjoy October – see you soon!

Safia x


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