Autumn in the Yoga Life

Namaste Yoga lovers,  

I am still buzzing from all the travel adventures this season. It has been a truly amazing journey and I have loved sharing it with all you like-minded souls I have had the privilege of spending time with. I have learned that if you ‘dance’ the organic feeling of change, we grow – dancing with change – allows us to move into our true potential. ­

I am delighted to be back teaching at our beautiful nurturing Yoga space and hope to see many of you there sharing the joy of Yoga.   The weather is turning now and we can feel the autumn energy setting in. This is the time when we give thanks to all that we have manifested this year and we draw our energy inward embracing stillness and quiet reflection. It is the time of slowing down and connecting more deeply with our inner teacher that teaches us the morals of life.  

We have a whole new range of classes & workshops this season to support this process, offering a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice and growth further. As we do this we bring wholeness into our lives but we also bring healing and balance into the world.   Dwell in the great nectar of love and taste the sweetness of devotion xx

Love & Peace in all directions Wenche & the amazing Yoga Life Team xoxo



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