Child pose

Posture of the Month – September – Child – Balasana

September heralds the start of a new season – while we have been enjoying the late summer sunshine, it’s also time to return to and perhaps review routines after holidays and adventures – time to re-connect with our roots and feel grounded as we launch into a new phase of the year. Balasana is restorative and nourishing, with a centering effect – good to come back to in between more demanding postures; or perhaps to rest in, while preparing for sleep or meditation.

From kneeling, inhale and lengthen the spine.

Exhale and fold forward, bringing the chest to rest on top of the thighs, with the top of the forehead resting on the mat.

Extend the arms alongside the legs, with the backs of the hands resting either side of the feet. Alternatively, extend the arms out in front (as pictured), or bring hands in front of the knees, making a cushion for the forehead with one hand on top of the other, or one fist stacked on the other.

Broaden and release the upper back and sink back into the hips, allowing the lower back to lengthen and soften.

Take time to explore the breath, and focus on releasing and letting go with each exhalation.


Safia x

Child pose


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