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Here is an article written by Eva Kristlova that has just been published in the OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine. Enjoy! (Article is here: )

It has never been easy running a successful yoga business, and now with everything changing around us we all had to adapt to the new ways of being, working, teaching and living.

Creating a successful yoga business requites lots of energy, dedication, patience and self-belief.  If you are like me, you simply want to share your love of yoga with the whole world and ideally for free. That would be the best scenario however in todays’ world we need to consider how we can share yoga and still manage to pay the bills and create a sustainable way of living.   Here I share 7 tips that work for me and my business.

  1. Connect with your local community

What can you offer to your local community and how can you be of service? Here are some ideas:

– Offer free/donation based community classes that everyone can attend, especially those who would normally not be able to pay full fee.

– Organise a charity class, where all the proceedings are donated to your chosen local charity.  You can select a different charity each time you run this class.

– Donate a free class to a local business for their employees to try.

– Network – get to know other businesses in the area and establish connections.

– Look into offering yoga classes in your local schools and clubs.

– Join your town’s events – be seen (I organised a street yoga class during our town’s festival)

– Offer donation based classes at your local parks and open spaces, available to everyone

It is not a one way traffic though, make sure that you ask for help whenever you need it! I used to think that I had to do absolutely everything by myself (to prove something..?) When I realised that there are plenty of people happily willing to offer their hand, a big weight shifted! You don’t have to do this alone.

  • Have a long term goal and many smaller short term goals

Be clear about the long term goal of your business. Ask yourself where you want your business to be in 5 years time? Is it achievable? What are your dreams and aspirations for your business and yourself personally?

Write it down and then start creating a plan of short term goals or small steps that will take you towards your dream.

What is your next achievable step? It can be something really small. Ask yourself what does your business need right now to progress and move forward?  If you focus just on your end goal that can be very overwhelming and you might feel like you will never be able to get there.  It is about the journey that will finally take you to where you want to be. So what is your next step?

  • Personal and professional development

None of us know it all. If we want to progress and move towards our goals we cannot forget our own personal and professional development.  There are so many inspiring and beneficial training programmes and courses these days.  In order to progress we need to keep growing, learning and updating our skills.  If you always wanted to explore a certain area of yoga or feel that your business skills could be upgraded do it now.  Study with someone that you know and trust, who inspires you and their teachings are meaningful to you.

Don’t forget to keep filling your cup, as you can’t give to others if you are running on empty! Go to your local teacher’s classes, believe me they will really appreciate your support and will support you in return.  If you teach yoga, go and be taught instead. I frequently join my fellow teacher’s classes, even a class for beginners!

  • Inspiration

We all need to be inspired don’t we? Figure out who or what inspires you and how that inspiration might help you in your yoga business. What is it that you like about them? You might want to:

– Connect with a business coach

– Join inspirational classes, talks and workshops – available globally due to online teaching

– Listen to inspirational podcasts, maybe from your favourite teacher or someone you admire

– Read – inspiration is everywhere! In every yoga magazine and book.  Mark pages with inspirational quotes and copy them into your journal or your own book of inspiration.

– Find inspiration everywhere you go. People you meet, places you visit. There is always something to be inspired by!

  • Social Media and Website

We all know that in today’s world the social media is essential for our businesses to be seen, found and remembered. Even though it can be time consuming it is worth creating and maintaining business profiles on:

– Facebook –  works best for us

– Instagram – post interesting and relevant photos

– Twitter – you might get a tweet

– LinkedIn – connecting with business people in your field

– Youtube – for posting videos

When it comes to your business website, make sure it is clear, up to date, with correct information and easy to navigate.  Invest in professional photography and a logo that will be used across all of your platforms and content that is relevant and informative. 

List your yoga classes with booking details, teachers profiles, blogs and general information about you and your business.

With the current change in teaching there is a steep increase in online classes.  If that is something you want to do, create a section on your website for the online classes where  your clients can join.

  • Client connection

Maintain a really good relationship with your clients, after all they are your biggest testimony.  Ask for feedback, reply to all emails and messages, return missed calls.  How often did we try to contact someone with no luck and never got any response? That is not a business you will be coming back to.  So communicate, connect, listen and try to help.  We are creating beautiful communities across the world, let your clients know that they matter and are a part of your tribe.

  • Be adaptable

If we learnt anything in 2020 it was to be adaptable. I personally don’t like big changes but throughout the rollercoaster of the last year we had no choice but to embrace all the changes and adapt quickly.

I never wanted to video myself and teach online! After the studio had to close last year I had a little tantrum and as many of us opened a zoom account.  After the initial challenges that come with the online teaching I realised that in today’s world this is the way forward.  Since then I created an online yoga platform, where over 20 teachers share their classes and wisdom, which our clients really love, enjoy and appreciate.

When the going gets tough (and it does with the studios closing) don’t give up!! Know that you are doing this for a reason, remember your final goal. Remember why you chose this path and what it means to you.  Know that sharing what you love with others makes a real difference.  Pat yourself on the back and realise how amazing you really are.

Embrace all opportunities with open arms and follow those that resonate with you, your values and believes.  Say YES to all that feels good!

Wishing you all the best! Eva xxx

What is next for Eva and the Yoga Life Studio? The dream is to grow the yoga community via her amazing online membership, available globally, where the wonderful yoga teachers and Eva offer and deliver unique and individual classes for benefit and wellbeing of all. Through this online membership you can also join all of Eva’s live zoom classes for free.  The Yoga Life Studio and it’s teachers are hoping to grow from strength to strength creating a safe haven for the local and global yogis.

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