Asana of the month – July & August – Bridge

Hello summertime friends! We have been enjoying lots of yoga outside in the sunshine, as well as feeling uplifted and inspired by the excitement of the Olympic Games. As we all know, yoga isn’t a competitive pursuit, but I have been reading about Yogathons across the world where participants receive a gold medal for completing 108 rounds of sun salutation, and like the idea of the challenge!


Taking our practice outside is wonderful, and we have been making the most of opportunities to take classes into the open whenever possible this summer. One drawback is that this isn’t always so easy for hay fever sufferers, however yoga can actually help with the condition; hay fever relief is one of the very many benefits of Bridge Posture. It is also lovely to include in a gentle restorative practice after lots of running around in the sun…(and strengthens those leg muscles, ready for more of the same!)


~ Lie flat with knees bent, feet planted onto your mat hip width apart, close to the hips, arms alongside body.

~ Inhale and press down into the feet, as if trying to push the floor away, so that the hips lift to the sky, keeping knees hip width apart and above the ankles.

~ Keep the breath deep and flowing and focus on opening the front of the chest. If you like, clasp the hands together and make a support with straight arms pressing down onto the mat, underneath the spine.

~ To come down, place the spine carefully, section by section, so that the tailbone is the last part to make contact with the mat.

Namaste. Enjoy the sun!

Safia x


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