Asana of the month – June – Warrior I

So, here we are the other side of the longest day. The mid-point in the calendar is a good time to take stock of our achievements since January, and also perhaps to consider how we can build on those achievements in the months that lie ahead. Warrior I is a strengthening, focusing posture but I also see it as celebratory: taking a confident stride forward feels empowering, and as we sink into the knee, swooping the arms up overhead, extending into the fingertips, it feels good to celebrate all that we have and all that we are. Happy Midsummer – let’s hope for more sunshine in the second half of the season!
Safia x
From standing in Mountain Pose, take a big step forward with the right foot, turning the left foot out at a slight angle.
Sink into the right knee – it should come to a point above the ankle; take care not to sink too far forward.
Keep the hips facing square on to the front.
Inhaling, reach the arms up overhead, palms facing towards each other, fingers to the sky. Imagine reaching up to take hold of something from a high shelf.  Relax and broaden the shoulders.
Feel grounded in the lower body, the upper body lifting up and out of a strong foundation, and a full, energising breath flowing.
Repeat, stepping forward with the left foot.


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