A sight for sore eyes

After a morning at the computer catching up on work and a backlog of correspondence I feel I’m getting on top of the mounting pile of tasks, but am also quite beleaguered; my eyes are tired from lack of screen breaks. I crave fresh air so I head outside. Immediately my eyes feel refreshed as I take in the colours of the autumn afternoon; bright yellow, orange and golden leaves like flames against a slate grey sky. It’s such a treat to relax my eyes and shift my focus, gazing out beyond the next field. The drishtis or gazes practiced in yoga work on the mind, body, spirit connection; a soft gaze at the horizon, or perhaps imagining taking the gaze beyond the limits of our surroundings out into infinity brings inner focus and calm. It can also help to put life back into perspective after a morning of mundane tasks and too much time spent close to a laptop screen! Safia x


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