A nip in the air

Brrrrr..I kept my coat on when I came home from the school run this morning and was finding it hard to warm up even after my cup of tea and sneaky biscuit. So, how to warm up on a cold but beautiful crisp autumn morning… Rubbing my hands together and then remembering a kundalini trick of raising the arms and shaking the hands vigorously while lowering them again seems bizarre but I can feel it doing wonders for my circulation. Then realising that I’ve been tensing my shoulders against the cold, eagle arms (taking off my coat first, which made it much easier!), while visualising breathing in to the space between my shoulder blades helps to ease out the tension around there. Must remember to keep those shoulders down and away from my ears, even when it feels chilly again later… Off to look for more woolly scarves and cardigans now. Enjoy the autumn sunshine, and stay warm! Safia x


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