Calming the rush hour…

Hello again, I found myself very flustered this morning in the rush to get out of the house in time for the school run; slowing down at the weekend is lovely, but sometimes the gearshift back into weekday mode can be a shock…  A couple of minutes of focus on deep breaths and then a stretch in down dog and I felt centred again. I normally think there isn’t time for those little nuggets of practice in the midst of a morning like this one, telling myself I should wait until I have time to ‘do it properly‘, but actually those few minutes made a difference. I perhaps wasn’t fully exploring the posture, hadn’t taken my time to get into it but I was able to enjoy how it felt; it calmed me, smoothed over some of the rough edges of the morning so far. There will be time to ‘do it properly‘ later. In fact now I think of it, what does doing it properly mean? I benefitted from it, which made it worth doing. Sometimes we push for perfection, sometimes we need to cut ourselves some slack.  Yoga meets us where we are and getting into the habit can even teach us to find peace in amongst mayhem.. Have a good week everyone! Safia x 


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