I have only just joined the wonderful Yoga-Life team and must say how grateful I am to work with such amazing people…
I am starting a yoga teaching diploma course this weekend and already I have to submit an essay on relaxation! Where do I start…
Well, we all know how important relaxation is, but unfortunately not many of us take time out of our busy working and home loads to slow down, compose ourselves and spend 15 minutes just being us, nobody else, just our being.  Forget all our worries, tasks, to do list and restore and renew our energy. In the past I never used to practice relaxation because to me it was just a waste of time, the time that could be spent manically trying to do yet another job.  Since I found yoga I truly cherish the last minutes of my practice when I can just let go and be. Yummy relaxation that leaves me energised, calm and together, ready to go and face the world.
Recently I have given relaxation to a couple of my friends and their comments were just amazing. One of my friends who is pregnant said that she felt great and full of energy for 3 days after and that she followed my instructions and practiced at home. It made me really happy!
So what I meant to say was – take time out and relax, lie down in savasana for 10 minutes or more if you can and just be! It really is worth it.
With all my love, Eva x


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