Tanya Davis

Purely Restorative Rest and Digest Yoga Workshop

Event Details

This event finished on 10 May 2020

Purely Restorative ‘Rest and Digest Yoga Workshop with Tanya’

The emphasis will be on slowing down whilst indulging the body, mind and spirit with long, luxurious holding postures that will be nurtured and supported by many props. Come and explore this unique experience of being able to open the body through passive stretching as the muscles begin to relax and restore. It is through this relaxation that tension is released and real digestion both on the physical and mental plane can occur.

This is a 2 hour workshop but there will be no need to rush away at the end unless you need to.

No experience in Yoga necessary. Spaces limited to 8 so please book early.

Investment £20 and proportion of monies after costs to go to Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice in Sussex.

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