Pelvic Floor Special with Bella

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Pelvic Floor Special with Bella Friedman

Workshop – Saturday 13th of May 4-6pm

“In today’s world, the female pelvis and the health of the organs and muscles there are at the mercy of misunderstanding, mistreatment, and misdiagnosis, as well as archaic ideas that pervade both the medical and lay worlds.(Judith Hansen Lasater)

The word “uterus” conveys nothing more but a medical term for a specific organ. The sense we have with the word “womb”, however, is of life, nature, creation, sacredness and wisdom. The name of Delphi, site of ancient Greece’s most famous oracle, is likely derived from delphus (womb), an archaic honoring of Earth Goddess Gaia. The Buddists scriptures frequently use the metaphor of the womb such as “The Womb Realm”  which represents the “repository of truth,”

To physically look at our pelvis we have to arm ourselves with mirrors and flashlights. To emotionally look at it, we may have to arm ourselves with courage and tissue boxes.

And so in addition to looking at yoga techniques that help keep our pelvis healthy or aid in its healing, such as specific asanas and breath awareness, this session offers an eye-opening reflection, an attempt at helping us overcome cultural and historical influences that have impaired every woman’s health. It is a step towards normalising the conversation about pelvic health and improving our knowledge and awareness, to help  keep our pelvises healthy and happy.

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