Dear Online Yogis
We are very happy to give you our online classes weekly overview. These might change slightly and I will be updating the list regularly.
Just click on the highlighted ZOOM LINK or FACEBOOK LIVE and it should take you to the right location. Due to new ZOOM security measures you might be asked for a password.  In most cases the password is ‘yogalife’ but check the class info. Please note – no need to click on the link until about 5-10 minutes before the class starts (unless you need to register). If in doubt or/and have any questions please email us on
I also created a Facebook group called ‘Yoga Life Studio Online Classes‘ where we will be posting our class info – please feel free to join!
Timetable :
Monday 13th April:
10.30am  Energising Morning Yoga with Olga  ZOOM LINK  ID – 629-611-569
6.30pm  Gentle Yoga and Relaxation for stiff people with Georgina ZOOM LINK  ID – 408 779 935  Password – yogalife
7.30pm  Chill Yoga with Aggie  ZOOM ID – 287-165-412
Tuesday 14th April:
9.30am  Gentle Yoga with Eva  ZOOM LINK  ID – 119-958-302  Password – yogalife
12.45pm  Pregnancy Yoga with Alice – email studio to register
4.30pm   Flow Yoga with Connie – ZOOM LINK  Meeting ID: 618 816 846  Password – yogalife
6.00pm  Slow Flow with Frankie  ZOOM LINK  ID – 509 050 021 Password – yogalife
7.15pm  Healing Yoga with Laura –  ZOOM link  Meeting ID – 236 251 9199  Password – yogalife
8.00pm  Postnatal Yoga with Alice – email studio to register
Wednesday 15th April:
9.30am   Flow and Restore Yoga with Sonal  ZOOM LINK   ID – 812 894 096  Password: yogalife
1pm  Lunch Yoga with Eva  ZOOM LINK  ID – 818-983-720  Password – yogalife
2pm  WRITING & THRIVING for Transformation with Sally-Shakti  LINK
Thursday 9th April:
11.15am  Power Yoga with Kat  FACEBOOK LIVE
12.30pm  Beginners Yoga for Construction Industry and All in need with Eva  ZOOM LINK  ID – 290 353 951  Password – yogalife
4.00pm  Flow Yoga with Connie –  Zoom link  ID – 149 159 421  Password – yogalife
5.30pm  Yoga Nidra for Stress Relief with Georgina  ZOOM LINK   ID – 314-630-0815  Password – yogalife
6.30pm  Yin Yoga with Mel  REGISTER FOR ZOOM LINK  Password – yogalife
6.30pm  Pregnancy Yoga with Alice – ZOOM Meeting ID – 987-928-165  NOT RUNNING TODAY
8.30pm  Yoga Nidra/Relaxation to aid sleep  with Georgina  ZOOM LINK  ID – 757-744-160  Password – yogalife
Friday 10th April:
9.00am   Vinyasa Flow with Connie   Meeting ID: 294-057-239   Password: yogalife
10.00am  Gentle Hatha Yoga with Safia  ZOOM LINK
12.45pm  Restorative Yoga with Eva  ZOOM LINK  Password – yogalife
2.00pm  Yoga Nidra with Eva  ZOOM LINK  Password – yogalife
7.00pm  Beginners Yoga with Chantell  ZOOM LINK
Saturday 11th April:
9.00am  Flow Yoga with Lucy  ZOOM LINK  Meeting ID 276-774-5547  Password – yogalife
11.00am  Rest and Digest Yoga with Tanya   ZOOM LINK Meeting ID: 243 344 878  Password – yogalife
1.00pm  Community Yoga with Tracy  ZOOM LINK   Meeting ID: 939-766-9199   Password: yogalife
Sunday 12th April:
9.00am  Set Up Your Sunday Yoga with Angela – ZOOM Meeting ID – 778-908-821  Password 005080
11.00am  Yoga with Eva  ZOOM LINK  Meeting ID 806-929-0328  Password – yogalife
1.00pm  Family Yoga with Alice  ZOOM Meeting ID  273-100-094
6.00pm  Beginners Yoga with Laura  ZOOM LINK   Meeting ID: 717 698 908  Password – yogalife
7.30pm  Unwind and Flow with Connie  ZOOM LINK  Meeting ID 104 398 644  Password – yogalife
Payments by donation – very greatly appreciated – thank you xxx
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Stay well and in touch, we really love seeing you on the screen and knowing that we are still able to practice together!

Much Love Eva and the Yoga Life Team xxx
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