Posture of the month – April – Bhujangasana – Cobra

Spring is a great time to focus on postures that help us to open the heart – expanding, creating space and clearing. Let’s this month use our yoga practice to open up, and connect with our true selves and our hearts’ desires for the year ahead.  As there are still some coughs and colds around as a result of the lingering cold weather, it’s great that chest openers combined with pranayama also provide a boost for the immune system.
Cobra is energising and strengthening. It opens the chest, the heart centre and stimulates the digestion.
Begin lying face down with palms placed flat on the mat beneath the shoulders, fingers pointing straight ahead.
Inhale, lifting the chest up off of the mat. Root down into the palms of the hands, curling the spine upwards. Keep the legs active and together; lift, broaden and move the chest forwards.
Relax the shoulders, rolling them down and back; keep the back of the neck long by slightly tucking the chin forwards.
Focus on expanding the chest with each inhalation, and on lengthening the spine with each exhalation.   
Enjoy the sunshine, now that it seems to have arrived at last!
Safia x


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