Namaste Friends

Namaste Friends

I have been home for a few weeks now and boy have I had to work hard at grounding myself this time…Santorini Greece and its volcanic energy is still very much present continuing to reignite my passion, my dreams and desires. It is a true reminder of Shakti…as shiva is the seed of consciousness Shakti is the manifestation of consciousness…she is the breath, the wind, the food we eat…she is our movement and our body…she is the divine Goddess that receives the pleasure of life, she is present in all of us and we need to keep her alive. Without her we become dry and brittle, we become stagnant…lets celebrate our freedom to move, and really feel alive.
I continue to invite Shakti into my Yoga practice and into my life opening into the true pleasure of being a living pulsating and vibrating human being that shines for the joy of life.

Shakti Ma xx


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