Greetings from Yoga Holiday in Tobago


Namaste Yoga Lovers,

Greetings from the very beautiful Island of Tobago in the heart of the Caribbean where the motto is: Love…don’t worry…be happy!!!

We are indulging in our Yoga, the white sandy beaches and the Caribbean Sea. There has been an energy of adventure very present this week where we have been exploring, diving, paddle boarding, kite surfing, water fall hiking and of course embracing the Soka and Calypso music that has been very much apart of our stay here.

Tobago really has been teaching us to fall deeply in love with ourselves through our Yoga. The injection of the Island vibe and all it offers has opened us to let go of fear diving into the joy and freedom we all long for.

We have been asking ourselves “how do you want to feel”? And we all agreed that we want to feel happy!
It should seam to be an easy task, but for many it is proven difficult as we have this unconscious pattern we hold where we believe “life is hard” and being happy is something we will be when we have completed tasks, that happiness it is something that comes later at some point. But do we know when? When will we allow ourselves to feel pleasure in all that we do? When do we allow ourselves to be truly happy?
How about right now? How about if being happy was our true natural state of living? Well I believe it is…I believe we are meant to be happy, it is our birth right!

The recipe to being happy is to “feed yourself” with what you love and then you will feel joy. You will feel free, alive, unstuck, open, compassionate, loving, vibrant, fulfilled, strong, peaceful and energetic…you will feel balanced! This is what we all want to feel; right?

To be happy we have to fuel ourselves with pleasure. Pleasure is not a sin; you haven’t been “bad” if you do great tings for yourself. And guess what? You don’t have to feel guilty when you have been kind to yourself…so fire yourself up with the pleasures of your life and flow into the river of joy allowing yourself to feel good, to find true inner peace, strength and happiness.
When we experience pleasure we relieve stress and tension; a refreshing stream of vitality will pour through you and over you, or rise from somewhere inside of you. Pleasure is the “oil”, “nectar” or “juice” of living a happy life, pleasure makes you “Juicy” and brings twinkle into your eyes and love in your heart.

So let’s make ourselves happy, and live by example…when we are happy we allow others to be happy too. It will radiate out of you into your family and community…a happy world is what we all want to live in and we have to start with ourselves.

Find what brings you pleasure and get ready to feel good!

Joy and happiness in all directions
Wenche xxx


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