Posture of the Month – May – Bow – Dhanurasana

This back-bend gives a wonderfully energizing stretch to the whole of the body; it stimulates the digestive system as well as promoting strength and flexibility in the spine.

Lying on the front of the body, bend both knees, taking the heels towards the buttocks, keeping the feet hip-width apart.

Reach back with the hands to take hold of the ankles.

Inhale and press the feet back, allowing the thighs to lift off the mat.

Keep pulling the legs up, and back, as the head and chest rise. Lift the chest and broaden the shoulders.

Aim to keep the arms straight, and shoulders relaxed, while balancing on the abdomen.

Breathe deeply and notice the sensations created in this posture, before gently releasing.

Have a great month!


Safia x





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