Curious about Reiki?

Are you curious about Reiki and wanting to boost your immune system & raise your energy levels in these long winter months ahead? With our daylight hours & sunshine reduced it’s a fantastic way top up our healthy state of wellbeing.

 Beautiful restoring Reiki treatments to recharge, strengthen, alleviate pain and accelerate the natural healing process with universal life force energy whilst clearing negative energy and blocks.   Most illness today can be linked to the environment we live in, work, emotional stress and family pressures. Over long periods of time physical manifestations, illness, infections, tiredness and mental illness can occur. Reiki can provide and enable emotional clarity and spiritual growth.

Treatment can be administered on a therapy bed or sitting in a chair fully clothed. Treatment includes aura repair, meditation, full treatment & consultation. Reiki provides a safe and secure feeling of wellbeing in a relaxing environment for all age groups and people from all walks of life.

Reiki can be used alongside other complimentary therapies and conventional medicine.  In addition I offer aromatic massage which relieves anxiety, improves psychological and physical wellbeing, decreases short term aches and pain and will improve overall mood whilst boosting the natural immune system function and better sleep. Massage eases away any tensions and enhances the senses via inhalation as the massage progresses. These sessions are designed to be therapeutic for both mind and body whilst soothing the nervous system also.

Treatments of aromatherapy and Reiki can be combined in one treatment also.

For more information about my treatments please e-mail Claire Nicole or call 07982119519.

“Keep thriving in a healthy state of wellbeing.”


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