Back to Nature with Safia

Spending time in nature nourishes the soul, and with many of us having had to adapt to staying at home, it’s something we’re perhaps craving more than ever. Even if practicing indoors, take inspiration from the elemental themes running through this sequence and who knows, perhaps you will be transported in your imagination to a dream lakeside or ocean view location!

In this sequence I was inspired by the landscape as a whole, but with particular focus on the water element, associated with the sacral chakra. Our hips and pelvis often store emotional tension and working with this energy centre can offer great release and freedom. Fluid movement celebrates our creativity, also a water element theme, and it feels great to incorporate a sense of intuitive flow in transitions between postures. Move with your breath, and be kind to yourself, never pushing into anything that feels uncomfortable, but also be curious, finding a balance between effort and ease.

Join Safia as she takes you through a beautiful Yoga Practice as published in the OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine:


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