Asana for the Autumn months September/October – Triangle

Autumn is well and truly here and we are starting to wrap up, take stock and look ahead to the darker months. This time of the year is all about balance and transition: time to let go of what’s no longer needed, just as the trees drop their leaves; also to feel gratitude for all the gifts of the summer – enjoying drinking in the autumn sunshine and reflecting on all the fun we’ve had so far this year… perhaps also thinking about what seeds we want to sow as we look ahead, and turning thoughts towards new creative plans for the new year. Activating the energy channels in our upper back and opening shoulder and arm joints encourages us to let go of whatever needs to be released in preparation for moving on. A good time to practice Triangle/ Trikonasana, which also strengthens the legs, opens the chest and encourages a feeling of being wonderfully balanced.

~ Take a wide stride on your mat and turn the right toes out to the right. Ground through the feet and activate the muscles in the thighs.

~ Extend the arms out to the sides and slide the body sideways, over towards the right.

~ Let the right hand come down to rest on the right leg, perhaps with the back of the hand on the shin, or grasping the ankle. Let the left arm extend up towards the sky, or if the shoulders are stiff, bring the left hand onto the small of the back.

~ Align the upper body so it extends over the right leg and doesn’t tip forward. Lift the left hip and draw into the right hip.

~ Lifting and creating space across the front of the chest, take your gaze up to the sky. (If the neck is stiff direct your gaze forward or down instead.)

~ Breathe into the posture and continue to lengthen and find space.

~ Slowly come back up, turn the toes the front and take a breath before repeating on the left side.


Safia x


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