Zoe and Aggie would like to invite you for a series of transformation workshops aligned with seasonal changes.

Transition and change is never easy yet nature does it so perfectly and we can learn so much from it.
We both would like to help you feel your strength, calm, be courageous whatever the weather and life circumstances.
Winter – the season of rest and recharging. Nature goes to sleep, restoring energy. It does not feel guilty for slowing down and resting, yet us humans so often feel uneasy to be still, to have nothing in our diaries.
Being busy has become an equivalent of success, popularity, productivity.
Most of us feel guilty when declining invitations for drinks and dinners, when all we want a is a little break from it all.
We cannot be productive when tired and depleted. In this workshop we will encourage you to say yes to deep rest, yes to your own needs, yes to time on your own and to snooze when needed.
*Slow, semi-restorative practice
*Story to keep you inspired to look after yourself
*Lovely, recharging relaxation
We can promise that you will feel recharged and ready for this Christmas season
We are hoping you will find these workshops helpful in supporting you off the mat, in your daily lives.

You can book a single workshop or all 4. Pre-booking all 4 is ideal for consistency and you will have something to look forward to.


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New Ticket £25.00 Sold out
New Ticket £25.00 Sold out
New Ticket £25.00 Sold out