The Art of Letting Go – YIN Yoga Intensive Workshop

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A Blissful 2 hours of soothing sounds and words related to our Metal Element.
“The metal element governs our ability to take in life, absorb what is good for us and let go of the rest, making space for the new.”
What are you looking to let go of this Autumn ?  During this workshop you will absorb a nurturing metal element meditation , Yin poses related to the arms and front of body that treat the Lungs and large intestines as well as the stomach and spleen all connected to the emotions of anxiety and Grief . (Earth and Metal) 
helping us find ways of Letting go of the past in order to gain wisdom.  Helping release your attachments to form new bonds without fear of loss. 
Yin Yoga is a specialised style of yoga and Mel is a dedicated Yin yoga teacher . 
We miss her dearly as she left Sussex in March 2021 to transport her offerings up in the north  of England . Yet she returns twice a year to re-connect to her loyal yogis to provide Eastbourne with  her beautiful themed yin yoga workshops.  A Yogi Tea and treat will be provided after class if you wish to stay to catch up and chat. 
Saturday 8th 4-6.30pm  
Sunday 9th October    2-4.30pm    (Sold out – waiting list) 
To book please contact
(A £10 deposit is required at time of booking through PayPal) 
Find out more about Mel on and IG MissYogaMel
Suitable for all levels of Yoga. 

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