Summer Solstice Yin Yoga and Sound Bath

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This special seasonal workshop blends yin yoga and the sounds of a Gong and Tibetan bowls.

This class is completely rebalancing and a calming experience, perfect for soothing the nervous system and quieting the mind. Each 2 hour workshops is designed to energise and balance our Meridian line system and is themed around the element of the particular season we are in.

The five transformational elements of mind, body and emotion are – wood, fire, earth, metal and water (from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective).

Tessa’s Seasonal Yin Yoga Workshops are the perfect tool to restore the balance between body, mind and spirit. You gain awareness of patterns and habits causing you pain and/or unbalance. You can improve your technique and body awareness.

Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia and ligaments in the body. The more we work our fascial system and deep tissues, the less dense and tight our bodies become as we age. Yin Yoga is a restorative style of yoga that uses long-held, passive poses to nourish the connective tissues in the body, promoting greater physical flexibility, organ health and peace of mind.

The practice is mainly floor based postures held for varying timescales (min 1 minute – max 7 minutes) and can be supported with straps, block, bolsters and blankets. Yin yoga is gentle and easy is suitable for everyone even absolute beginners to yoga, your body is fully supported by blankets and bolsters so that you can relax and release deeply in a complete comfort. Passive poses are held for 3-5 minutes and target the deepest tissues of the body, softening tight muscles and encouraging deep relaxation. It’s a mini retreat, you’ll emerge feeling well-rested and refreshed.

Everything you need for this class will be supplied, however if you prefer to use your own mat blankets and eye pillow feel free to bring your own. Cosy clothes encouraged. £30 Booking essential please pay via bank transfer Miss T John 08-92-49 07046944 or through this website.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.

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