Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Have you noticed that you have a negative outlook on life? Do you often assume things won’t go your way? Or feel like the world is against you? Do you have a tendency to complain about the situations and people around you?

What would happen if you could turn this around? What if you could focus on the good things in your life, rather than the bad? And see the world as with you rather than against you? How would it feel to think more positively and have a bit more optimism?

What if I told you that you already have everything you need to do this? Our thoughts can be incredibly powerful. We can change our entire perspective and outlook on life simply by changing our inner landscape and the way we think. In fact, if you change your mindset you really can change your life.

These are some of the proven benefits of thinking more positively:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of heart attack
  • Better resistance to illness
  • Improved overall physical health
  • Able to handle stress more effectively
  • Improved moods
  • Able to think more clearly
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved problem-solving
  • Better able to handle challenging situations
  • Reduced risk of depression

If you’d like to experience some of these benefits for yourself, come along to this wellbeing workshop where I’ll share 3 practical ways you can start to change your mindset. You’ll get a chance to practise these invaluable tools and learn how to incorporate them seamlessly into your daily life.

My intention is that you’ll leave with the motivation and willingness to continue to use these practices on a regular basis, or whenever you need them, giving you the tools you need to radically change your life!

All you need to know
Date: Sunday 12th June 2022
Time: 4pm–5:30pm
Cost: £20

What to expect: We’ll be mostly sitting with some movement too. If you’re happy sitting on the floor, there’ll be plenty of yoga mats, cushions, bolsters and blankets to make yourself comfy. There’ll also be a few chairs available too.

What to bring: Please bring a notepad and pen to take any notes, and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. Feel free to bring your own mat, cushion and blanket too, if you prefer.

Group sizes are kept small, to allow for personalised attention.
How to book
Please visit Hannah’s event page to book.

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