Yin Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent times and is a perfect antidote to our typically Yang lifestyles.
With its foundations in Chinese Taoist philosophy, Yin works the body with passive longer held poses. It targets the deep tissues of the body, our connective tissues, ligaments, joints and bones, the internal networks of the body and the meridians.
Yin improves the energy flow directing the ‘chi’ energy and offers a wide range of benefits.
In this 2 hour session, we will explore a full body Yin practice consisting of a series of long held passive postures followed by a guided relaxation, tea and snacks.
If you have wondered how to incorporate Yin into your regular practice or would just like to experience an extended workshop style Yin class then this is for you.
Spaces are limited so early booking is recommended.
£25 per person.
Teacher: Anj Whimpenny


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