Importnace of a Yoga Buddy

My life with Elvis

In the same week I decided to finally participate in yoga teacher training, this handsome hairy man appeared in my life. He picked me up, conquered my heart and became my yoga buddy.

As everyone says the process of becoming a yoga teacher is the most fabulous life experience, brings lots of ups and downs, peeling the layers of that who we were at the beginning of this path and becoming who we truly are at the end, deep down in our hearts.

I have to admit without this beautiful, gentle and handsome goat who I named Elvis I wouldn’t be a person  I am today. He is my soulmate, my friend, my hugging buddy, my kid and my knight in shining armour. He opened my heart on so many different levels – I am not able to explain.

He showed me the meaning of Ahimsa (non harming), Satya – commitment to truthfulness, Bramacharya – faithfulness, Aparigraha – letting go and Asteya – non stealing ideas and goods. He helped me to truly understand that we are all one. How to trust when your heart is broken into pieces, how to love when there is only despair around, how to be here and now and support each other by just being there. With his great sense of humour, this gentle big goat – yogi in the heart, who loves mantras and loves to be brushed became my family. I feel blessed every day that our paths crossed.

In yogic science we say that goat is an animal designed to represent a third chakra – Manipura, Fire and Sun Centre – Solar Plexus, our strength and centre of vitality. Responsible for actions, energy, growth and development. I deeply believe he changed my life and as there is no coincidence in life – he is my totem – Elvis the yogi goat.

Thank you Red Sea Diving Safari and Bawadi for support.


(Gosia is currently one of our Yoga Life Teacher Training students, completing the course online from Marsa Shagra Village in Egypt)

Gosia and Elvis




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