Yogabeats with David Sye – Foundation Course coming to Eastbourne!

We are super excited to host Yogabeats with David Sye Foundation Course that will run over 2 weekends in January and February 2020.

Step 1 The Way of Yogabeats

Day 1 – 25th January 2020
The Yogabeats Story/Histories – How the practice evolved from its origins in response to contemporary environments. The basic philosophical cornerstones to the practice including the dynamics of human evolution, ego etc
The Practice – Experiencing the practice, breakdown and analysis of formula/s and methodology
Micro moves -The physical and psychological principles
The Bandhas – Their applications and effects

Day 2 – 26th January 2020
Moves ‘n’ Grooves – The sounds and rhythms, the effects of different Audio environments
Spontaneity – The principles physically and psychologically
Energy clearance/invocations – Of environments and people
Yogabeats Quest for the Breath – Breathing techniques, use of, and effects

Day 3 – 22nd February 2020
Teaching – without a plan or central control
Communication Performance skill – Creating Inclusion/Humour etc
More Advanced techniques – As the pace of the practice advances
Partnership Work – Creating inter communication between students, and the use of!
Meditations/Visualisations – End of Yogabeats class resolution

Day 4 – 23rd February 2020
Recapitulation of all items from the previous 3 days
Practical trial teaching modules
‘Principles of societies’ – The need for yoga as community
The 3 steps to all Healing
Certification Celebration

Limited spaces (16 maximum)
Investment : £450
Apply by contacting Eva on





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