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Greetings Wanderlusts, 

It’s been an epic summer for me filled with magical experiences in the UK and abroad. My ‘magic carpet’ (its what I call my Yoga mat for those who don’t already knowJ) has taken me from the English countryside and our wellbeing retreats to a stunning Santorini Greece and then I continued to the majestic French Alps for our adventures Yoga Holidays…and filled with Adventure they were and all special an unique in its own right.

The Magical Island of Santorini Greece. 

The Greek Island of Santorini will always have a special place in my heart. Its stunning scenery and beautiful people is just beyond words. Our week in Santorini was filled with wonderful sunshine which we all appreciated. Our mornings and evenings would we embarked on a transformational Yoga journey, Flow Yoga classes including pranayama and relaxation setting us up for the day and then putting us to bed; each morning session was followed by brunch served by the pool side, where we would have the difficult task of deciding what to fill our day with…for many sun worshipping and cooling off in the pool or the Aegean Sea was the highest of priorities.

We embarked on the famous Caldera walk, where we walk along the edge of this volcanic Island drinking in the spectacular views to end up at Skaros, which is the best place to watch one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world. We had the hardship of being sailed around the Island and stopping at local beaches to snorkel and enjoy the soft blue sea. A trip to the hot springs was a highlight for many; here we were literally bathing in the volcano, an experience worth while. A leisurely walk through the local vineyard for an afternoon vine tasting taking in the Greek countryside was also a popular choice of activate offered this week. Each eveing we had the pleasure of choosing from the endless opetunities to endulge in fabulous Greek food from the many restaurants on offer.

It was a fantastic week filled with the element of fire allowing us all to connect with our passion and desires leaving us with many memories that will stay in our hearts forever.

Super exited to announce that we are back next year July 2016

The Majestic French Alps

So I then took to the mountains and had the pleasure of spending two 7 day Adventure Holidays in the French Apls. Arriving in Geneva we got picked up by our local team and taken into France and headed up into the Majestic Alps, and wow what a stunning place we were going to spend our days. The mountains were so high and powerful that many were lost for words, we were all feeling really blessed to be back to nature looking forward to fresh air and healthy living.

We settled into our luxury chalet and gathered on our mat to meet and great. It was obvious that we were all looking forward to our week in the mountains and the activities on offer.

Each morning we started our day with our Yoga practice, pranayama and meditation again followed my brunch. And our eveining practice designed to stretch out muscles after long walks in the mountains.

Activities we had on offer besides from Yoga were epic hikes deep into the Apls where nature and its beauty took our breath away. We would take ourselves out on the bikes and explore, heading down the river white water rafting and jumping of cliffs paragliding…all activities that would exhilarate us and fill us with vitality and satisfaction.

Our evenings would be spent on the Yoga mat followed by sauna and hot tub axtion to suede our bodies, to then be followed by exquisite vegan food, vine and fantastic conversations and laughter.

We all fell in love with the mountains and all it had to offer and we all knew that this truly was an experience where we were held beautifully by the mountains, grounding deep into ourselves finding inner peace and insight.

We are exited to offer two weeks again next August 2016

All our Yoga Retreats and Holidays are unique and offer a veriety of travel destinations as well as experiences with Yoga as the main ingreadients

See what’s on offer:

Why not plan for some winter sunshine in Epypt this November?

My next Yoga Holiday experience is to wonderful Egypt  18-25th of November 2015 where we will be staying in Bedouin tents at the waters edge, falling asleep under a blanket of stars waking up to sunshine warming our bodies and hearts. This is the perfect choice and location for those who are new to Yoga or Yoga addicts. We will be having two Yoga sessions a daily where the rest of the time is free for your indulgent…for some this will be sunbathing on the white sandy beaches reading a good book and dipping into the Red Sea for an extraordinary snorkelling experience. Often we see dolphins and get to swim with them, a mind blowing and touching experience.

Our location is perfect for experienced divers and for those who may want to learn to dive…camel riding and horse riding in the dessert is also a wonderful experience for those who feel the dessert calling…this if my 4th year back to Egypt and has called many back for repeat experiences…I promise you a week you will never forget leaving you feeling fabulously you!




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