Asana of the month – April – Tree

Happy Springtime! As I write, the weather has turned blustery after a gloriously sunny spell. On one of those warmer days last week, the first week of the school holidays, we practiced Tree Pose out in the sunshine. At this time of year nature is melting and releasing energy into all the plants and trees and it’s a good time for us to focus on clearing out the old, and nurturing new creative plans.

Tree Pose:

Take a few minutes in Mountain Pose grounding the feet, spreading the toes, spine lengthening, shoulders relaxed, focusing on the breath. With each inhalation feel that you are drawing strength and stability up from the earth into the posture. Ground a little more into one foot as you pick up the other and place it onto the inside of the calf, or higher up onto the inside thigh – whichever option you opt for, taking care to avoid the knee area. Keep the hips level, hands in Namaste. Having found stability, try raising the arms and spreading them as the branches of your tree. Keep grounding through the feet, dropping the shoulders, lifting the heart, sending lots of energy up in the fingers. Choose a spot on the ground, or below eye level on which to focus and draw into your core to help with balance. Breathe in stability and calm….breath out tension and tiredness.
Come out of the pose gracefully and carefully when you are ready and switch to the opposite side.

Benefits of Tree Pose:

* Grounding; improves balance and concentration – particularly valuable for busy people in all walks of life.

*Tones leg muscles, promotes joint flexibility, opens the chest.

*Teaches us to be strong but also flexible, like the trees I can see from my window right now being blown in the wind!


Safia x


1 thought on “Asana of the month – April – Tree”

  1. If you work on your upper body strength and feel conndieft in forearm dog, downward facing dog, forearm plank (1 minute), plank and boat pose (1 minute as well for core strength) you can easily work up toperforming forearm balance. I would recommend using a wall so you can practice kicking up and finding it with your foot then place both feet on the wall. As you get steadier try moving the feet off the wall and balancing onyour own. Good luck and keep me posted!

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