Yoga posture of the month - Bridge

Posture of the month – December – The Bridge

Posture of the month - The Bridge PoseNamaste friends ~ the winter season is a transition from the old to the new, the earth has withdrawn her energies, the root energy is being strengthened and we are given the opportunity for spiritual insight, and the perfect time to plant new seeds within. As we move towards the shortest day and the longest night in this powerful transitional time we can support ourself with The Bridge pose strengthening our ability to go inside and live a full internal life, fertilising the seedlings so that they can blossom. Complementing Bridge Pose, both Shoulder Stand and Plough.

It’s for many a busy time preparing for the festive season and taking time out to practice this pose can not only relieve stress but also keep our hearts open and joyful.  The bridge pose also is beneficial for preventing colds and coughs, it boosts your immune system and can relieve symptoms of Asthma.

We spend most of our time leaning forward and and stretching the spine in the opposite direction helps blood circulation, and bringing the spine back to balance. Also along the spine we have the main energy line Sushumna nadi, and by keeping our spine flexible we can prevent blockages or imbalances that affect our energy flow.  This posture also supports the healing of many back problems.

The Bridge Pose is very simple but ones mastered there are many variations.

Start on your back with your legs bent, feet hip-width apart. Take a moment to connect with your breath and feel the length of the spine from the base of your root to the crown of the head. Become aware of the length of your back but also the widening, feel the connection with the stabilising earth.

Keep the arms by the side of the body palms turned down, and as you inhale begin to peel the spine of the floor vertebrae by vertebrae until you reach your destination. Here you can interlace your fingers beneath your bottom and use the support of your arms as a strong foundation. Relax your face and jaw and breathe softly and deeply, listening to the sound of your breath moving through your body. Stay for 3-9 breaths and then slowly undo the fingers, arms back by the side of the body and then melt back down through your spine until your spine is flat on the earth.

For weak backs or back problems keep moving dynamically, inhale as your rise your hipster to the sky, exhale as you melt back down into the mat for a few rounds.  Counter pose in a lazy spinal twist.

Enjoy this festive season with a healthy body and an open heart…take your heart into the vast field of JOY and let it BREATHE!

Happy Holidays

Much Joy

Wenche xx


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