Warrior 2

Posture of the Month – May – Warrior 2 / Virabhadrasana II

Posture of the Month – May – Warrior 2 / Virabhadrasana II

The month of May is a time for celebration of the earth turning green, flowers bursting into bloom and an abundance of fresh energy all around – a particularly potent time for expressing ourselves and initiating creative plans. Warrior 2 helps us to sharpen our focus on how best to make use of that buzzing energy, bringing us nearer to our goals as well as empowering, strengthening and keeping us grounded.

Step the feet wide, then turn the right toes out to the right aiming to line the heel up with the instep of the left foot. Tuck the tailbone under, hips facing square to the front.

Inhale and float the arms up to the sides, palms facing down. Relax the shoulders and keep them spacious. Take the gaze out along the right arm to the fingertips, and perhaps beyond, to an imagined horizon.

On an exhale, bend the right knee so that it is positioned directly above the ankle. If sinking into the knee takes it beyond that point, bring it back by slightly widening the distance between the feet. Reach into the fingertips, keep both feet grounded and both legs strong, with the upper body expansive, lifting up out of this strong foundation. Let the breath be full and flowing and feel empowered! Come out gently and take a breath before repeating on the left side.

Enjoy this wonderfully inspiring season.


Safia x

Warrior 2


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